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Find your fit for Motion: A Guide to Hydraulic Solutions

When motion is the challenge, MCE has the solution to move you. Motion solutions come in three major categories: hydraulic, electromechanical, and pneumatic. Learn the difference between the three to discover the right fit for your applications. 


Benefits, Applications, and Utility of Hydraulics

High Power Output—Hydraulic systems provide high power output, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications that require significant force  

» Hydraulic Systems can withstand up to 400 tons of force  

Precision—Moderate levels of precision and control, making them well-suited for tasks that require positioning and force control  

Constant Force—Provide constant force throughout their range of motion  

Temperature Stability—Less sensitive to temperature changes due to use of hydraulic fluids 

Efficiency—More efficient in terms of power transmission compared to pneumatic systems, especially in heavy-load scenarios  


Hydraulic Products, Parts, Integrated Solutions, and Services

We provide a wide variety of hydraulic products, supplying hydraulic products used in the field and engineering to design hydraulic systems for your facility. 

» Cylinders  

» Valves  

» Hoses

» Fittings & Adapters

» Quick Couplings

» Tubing & Pipe

» Diagnostics & Condition Monitoring

» Power units  

» Accumulators  

» Filtration  

» Pumps and motors  


Limitations of Hydraulics

Environmental Concerns—Pose environmental hazards if they leak or spill, potentially leading to contamination  

Maintenance Complexity—Require careful maintenance to prevent leaks and ensure proper fluid levels  

Complex Design—More complex to design, install, and maintain compared to pneumatic systems  

Safety—High pressures lead to safety risks 


Interested in learning more about our hydraulic offerings? Get in touch with a hydraulics expert today! 

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