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Every product and solution we offer is designed to meet your specific needs and unique circumstances.

We deliver products and parts with rapid, reliable service and unwavering support as you pursue your most desirable outcomes. From specification through project completion, we dependably deliver what, when, and where it is needed—to ensure your success.

More than 50,000 products on hand at 25 stocking locations including 19 walk-in stores and 8 manufacturing facilities.

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WE are MCE, our collective strength is demonstrated through our vast experience, technical expertise, specialized services, and vendor support—providing you with a single-source supplier to help you achieve your goals.

We work to keep your operation running smoothly by ensuring product availability, solving your problems with customized solutions, and supplying on-demand technical expertise and support.



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We deliver parts, services, and effective integrated solutions when and where you need them, supported by exceptional customer service throughout the lifecycle of your operations.


Historical Timeline

Ritter Engineering Company was originally established in 1951 by Wayne G. Ritter and was a franchised distributor of Trabon centralized lubrication systems for the Western Pennsylvania area. Originally located in a small second floor office on West Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, the company quickly expanded into the locations surrounding the Great Lakes industrial region.

In 1957 the Chicago branch was opened, followed closely by a Milwaukee branch in 1958. To serve the automotive industry, a Detroit branch was opened in 1963 and an Erie, Pennsylvania branch was opened in 1965. As the branches grew, multiple Parker stores were opened in and around the branches. The company headquarters was moved to Zelienople, Pennsylvania in 1990.

Ritter’s association with Parker Hannifin began in 1953 and the company quickly became one of Parker’s largest distributors within the United States. Ritter is also a leading distributor of Graco lubrication products and Enerpac hydraulic tools and technology as well as more than 50 other industrial tool suppliers.

In 2000, Ritter Engineering changed its name to Ritter Technology LLC, a name more reflective of its diversified capabilities.

In 2018, the parent company Motion & Control Enterprises, LLC was formed, and Ritter Technology was abbreviated and rebranded as RitterTech and positioned as a division under MCE. That same year, MCE diversified its operations and purchased Primet Fluid Systems, Tri-State Hose, and Fluid Systems Engineering.

In 2020, FSE became a part of the RitterTech division and the Solutions Engineering Group was also formed. In 2021, MCE acquired SwansonFlo, Diversified Air Systems, Instrument Associates, and RSA. In 2022, Tri-State Hose became part of the RitterTech division.

Ritter Engineering Company founded in Pittsburgh, PA.
Offices opened in Chicago, IL.
Offices opened in Milwaukee, WI.
Offices opened in Detroit, MI.
Headquarters moved to Zelienople, PA.

Ritter Engineering renamed Ritter Technology, LLC.


Ritter Technology, LLC acquires Primet Fluid Power Company ("Primet"), Tri-State Hose & Fitting ("Tri-State"), and Fluid Systems Engineering.


Motion & Control Enterprises LLC ("MCE") is formed and Ritter Technology, LLC is rebranded as RitterTech, a division of MCE.


Motion & Control Enterprises (“MCE”) acquires Diversified Air Systems (“DAS”).


Motion & Control Enterprises (“MCE”) acquires Swanson Flo Control ("Swanson Flo"), BioFuels Automation, Instrument Associates, Inc. ("IA"). RSA, Inc. and Global Controls, Inc. (collectively known as “RSA”).


Motion & Control Enterprises (“MCE”) acquires Lone Star Machine Works (“LSMW”), Quest Engineering, Inc. (“Quest”), and Nightwine Valves & Actuation, Inc.


Motion & Control Enterprises (“MCE”) acquires Precision Pump & Valve (“PPV”), Power & Pumps, Inc. (“P&P”), Industrial Control Services, Inc. (“IC”), Ultimation Industries, LLC (“Ultimation”), Nova Hydraulics, Inc. (“Nova”), Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. (“AIC”), Engineered Systems Group, LLC (“ESG”), and Filter Resources LLC.


Motion & Control Enterprises (“MCE”) acquires Piedmont Electric Motor Repair, Inc. (“Piedmont”).


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