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Highly engineered pressure and temperature process control instrumentation and systems from Parker.

Fittings image


  • CPI™ Fittings
  • A-LOK® Fittings
  • MPI™ Fittings
  • Parker Autoclave Engineers®
  • Phastite®
Needle Valves image

Needle Valves

  • V Series
  • VQ Series
  • NP6 Series
  • U Series
Ball/Plug Valves image

Ball/Plug Valves

  • B Series
  • MB Series
  • PR Series
  • Pneumatic/Electri Actuators
Metering Valves image

Metering Valves

  • N Series
  • HR Series
Bare Tubing image

Bare Tubing

  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • All Metals
  • Plastic
Stainless Steel Braided Tubing image

Stainless Steel Braided Tubing

  • All Metal
  • Teflon Lined
Check Valves image

Check Valves

  • C Series
Manifold Valves image

Manifold Valves

  • PGI Manifolds
Filters image


  • F Series
  • FT Series
Pressure Regulators image

Pressure Regulators

  • IR4000 Series
Flow Meters image

Flow Meters

  • Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeters
Teflon Products image

Teflon Products

Teflon Tube
Teflon Pipe
Teflon Flare Fittings
Teflon Valves

Bundled Tubing image

Bundled Tubing

  • Temptube® - Single Tube Insulated
  • Steam Trace - HT Series Heavy Trace
  • Intermitten and Continuous High Tempature
  • Stea Purge-Freeze Protection
  • Analyzer Bundles
  • Probe Support
  • Constant

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