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Featuring quality Schmersal safety products, offering the world’s largest range of safety switchgear and systems—securing personnel, equipment, and processes.

Automation Technology image

Automation Technology

  • Inductive Proximity Switches

  • Switches - Other

Ex Zone Devices image

Ex Zone Devices

  • Safety Switch with Separate Actuator

Machine Guarding image

Machine Guarding

  • Schmersal / SATECH / IPS

Safe Signal Processing image

Safe Signal Processing

  • Emergency Stop Applications

  • Outdoor Expanders

  • Multi-Function Safety Modules

  • Fail-Safe Standstill Monitors

  • Fail-Safe Delay Timers

  • Input Expander

  • Safety Control Modules for Specific Applications

  • Programmable Safety Controllers

Safe Switch & Monitoring image

Safe Switch & Monitoring

  • Safety Switch with Separate Actuator

  • Solenoid Interlock

  • Door Handle Actuator

  • Position Switch

  • Safety Switch for Hinged Guards

  • Safety Sensors

  • Pull-Wire Emergency Stop Switches

  • Emergency-Stop Button

  • Control Panels

  • Two-Hand Control Panels

  • Enabling Device

  • Safety-Related Tactile Sensor

  • Foot Switch

Safety Lights image

Safety Lights

  • Safety Light Curtain / Bluetooth Enabled

  • Food Industry Light Curtain

  • Small Safety Light Barriers