Helac Hydraulic Rotary Actuators Provide Added Value for OEMs

Reduce your bill of materials with Helac’s simplified design that eliminates linkages and bearings.  Their ultra compact design enables these rotary actuators to fit in tight spaces, while still providing high power density.  This powerful unit provides high torque and high bearing capacity, and is durable enough to handle harsh environments as its design encloses all of its internal parts.  In addition, its drift-free positioning enables zero internal leakage, and requires no external brake for smooth operation.  The unit also backdrives in overload conditions and is equipped with a hydraulic fuse to prevent mechanical damage.

Helac Hydraulic Rotary Actuators are applicable to multiple industries including construction, agriculture, material handling, mining, energy, military, marine, and truck/trailer. Today, more than 1,000 OEMs around the world rely on the Helac hydraulic rotary actuator to move, support, or position rotary loads.  Find out how you can experience the added value of the Helac Hydraulic Rotary Actuator by contacting a RitterTech representative today.  Click the button below to find a rep near you or to submit a form for more info.

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