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Value of Tech Part 5: Not So Good Vibrations

How often do we say to ourselves, “if only I would have known sooner!”  With industrial machinery, being able to know earlier if something is starting to fail can be the key to correcting a developing problem that could cost you big.  Monitoring vibrations is an effective way to tell if a system is starting to fail.  It could indicate wear, misalignment, imbalance, or looseness that can be corrected to prevent greater damage or loss.

vibration sensor

Parker SensoNODE™ Vibration Sensors

Sense issues earlier and take action quicker with sensors that can help you detect damage-causing vibrations.   SensoNODE sensors can be placed virtually anywhere to help you monitor vibrations on practically any system you are looking to monitor.  Access your data 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection or set up alerts by email, text message, or in-system of measurement deviations.

Sample & Trend Overall Vibration Levels

• Velocity – inches/sec, mm/sec
• Temperature
• Acceleration – g’s, mm/sec2

SensoNODE Vibration Sensor Features

• Configurable acceleration amplitude
• +/- 2g, 4g, 8g or 16g
• 6.4 Khz sampling frequency
• 3 axis measurement
• RMS & Peak acceleration or velocity
• Temperature

Mounting Options

• Magnet
• 1/4-28 stud
• Epoxy

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So, what is the best system for you and your operation?  Is the expense of purchasing this type of system cost-effective for you?  How will you get the data and will you be able to easily understand when you need to act?  This is where RitterTech can help.  There are numerous options available for to assist you in diagnosing problems, helping you maintain your equipment to prevent shut downs, and on a higher level, help you monitor your equipment on a regular or continuous basis so that you can keep it running at peak performance.  As an authorized distributor for Parker products, we can assess your operations and identify the best solution to meet your needs and goals in a way that meets your budgetary restraints.

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