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Value of Tech Part 3: Keeping Revenues High and Downtimes Low in Industrial Manufacturing

Factory with SensoNODE technology

The greatest gift an operations engineer can have is the gift of time.

When system conditions are deteriorating, time is the only thing that can keep a good day from becoming a very bad one.  Parker’s Voice of the Machine Technology with SensoNODE Sensor technology can do just that.  By continuously monitoring conditions, operations engineers will be able to harness data that will allow them to see when problems might be on the horizon – giving them the time to intervene and prevent losses that could occur from downtime or faulty product.

SensoNODE technology is available for monitoring a multitude of conditions.  View the categories below to learn more.

SensoNODE on a Process MotorKeep Electric and Diesel-Powered Process Motors Running Well

Out-of-balance components, misaligned shafts, loose or degraded bearings, excessive hydraulic pressures, and low gearbox oil are just some of the things that can cause conditions to decline.  Monitoring vibrations, temperature, and amperage can allow you to see when one of these culprits might be at play.

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Prevent Hydraulic Power Units and Accumulator Failure

Overheated oil and out-of-range hydraulic pressures in HPUs and accumulators can create a critical situation quickly.  Monitoring temperature, pressures, fluid conditions, levels, and flow rates, can prevent damage and extend the life of the equipment.

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Protect Pneumatic Systems and Lines

Loss in pressure or high humidity levels can affect equipment performance and life, resulting in the creation of faulty product or damage to systems or equipment.  Monitoring pneumatic system pressure, air flow rates, and humidity levels can prevent product or equipment loss and costly reworks.

Read the White Paper | View the Bulletin | View the Infographic

So what is the best system for you and your operation?  Is the expense of purchasing this type of system cost-effective for you?  How will you get the data and will you be able to easily understand when you need to act?  This is where RitterTech can help.  There are numerous options available for to assist you in diagnosing problems, helping you maintain your equipment to prevent shut downs, and on a higher level, help you monitor your equipment on a regular or continuous basis so that you can keep it running at peak performance.  As an authorized distributor for Parker products, we can assess your operations and identify the best solution to meet your needs and goals in a way that meets your budgetary restraints.

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