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From the Ground Up: The 72 Hour Steel Mill Solution

How MCE helped a steel mill pass inspection with less than a week's notice 


The problem: A Steel Mill’s solution provider couldn’t deliver product on time 


MCE's Flow Control team was commissioning a new furnace for one of their long-time customers, including support for full line, high quality seals. Part of the mill’s project plan included replacement of hose across the entire application and needed to be completed in time for an upcoming inspector visit. The problem? The mill’s current hose provider couldn’t supply the parts they needed before the inspection, putting them in a difficult situation. 


The solution: MCE’s product portfolio breadth and cross-process expertise 


The MCE team received notice of the concerning situation on Tuesday and the inspection was only three days later, on Friday. As a benefit of working with MCE, the mill knew MCE also offered the hose products they needed, including their preferred vendor, Parker Hannifin. Knowing the criticality of the situation, MCE sprung to action. MCE’s supply chain director created a direct communication channel with Parker and worked with MCE operations, ParkerStore, engineering, and sales teams to come up with a solution.  


First, MCE helped identify and specify the hose parts needed. They finished the bill of materials and started placing orders across varying distribution channels to facilitate timeliness of delivery. They even travelled hours away to MCE’s regional ParkerStore for assistance to get hose and crimper support.  


Everything was shipped overnight. Through an incredible display of teamwork and perseverance, by the time the inspector came on Friday, the team delivered a successful solution. 


“You delivered in four days what our previous provider hadn’t provided in four years.” - Customer 


The results: The mill passed their inspection with flying colors  


The Mill was highly satisfied that MCE had not only brought a solution to the furnace in time for the inspection on incredibly short notice; they exceeded expectations through the team effort of noticing a problem and providing products and solutions when they needed them. The company was happy to consolidate their vendor ecosystem with MCE and continues to put trust in their MCE team across many of the mill’s applications.  


Does a consolidated vendor for multiple solutions within your operation sound appealing? Contact us to learn how this can benefit your business.  

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