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Rotating Equipment

Certified industrial compressed air, motor, and pump solutions from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.

Diversified Air Systems
Power & Pumps
General Machinery
Romanoff Industries


Air Compressors

A wide range of air compressor options for a variety of applications including lubricated rotary screw, lubricated reciprocating, oil-free, booster, and medical functions.

Air Treatment

Our wide variety of dryers and filters includes refrigerated, desiccant, membrane, and deliquescent types. And we supply condensate drains and oil/water separators.


Since 2008, our manufacturer has been providing high quality, dependable blowers and blower packages at highly competitive prices.

Our cooling solutions, developed specifically for industrial users, provide precise temperature control and absolute reliability at zero downtime.

Engineered Solutions

Experience engineered air perfectly specified for your application, including modular and all-weather air (AWA) capabilities. 

Modular Piping Systems

Efficiently distribute and control compressed air by using standardized, easily connectable components to optimize air supply, reduce energy consumption, and ensure reliable operation.

Nitrogen Generators

Our nitrogen generators deliver high quality, high volume nitrogen for your applications.


Secure the right pump for the job, whether that's fluid transfer, chemical evacuation, or dewatering and sump evacuation. 

System Control Remote Monitoring

Streamline the production process and measure the parameters of air compressor performance in real time with our system control and remote monitoring options.


Custom vacuum solutions feature systems specially designed and built to fit your individualized needs and specifications.

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For more than 50 years, Sullair has been on the leading edge of compressed air solutions. As the industry moves forward, Sullair will always be at the forefront with quality people, innovative solutions, and air compressors that are built to last.