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Low Maintenance, High Performance Ball Valves

Designed to Meet the Challenging Industry Standards and Processes

For Bio-Pharm:  Series SB7 Ball Valve

The SB7 CleanFLOW™ ball valve features high-performance chemically modified PTFE that has much lower deformation under pressure at room and elevated temperatures, lower permeability, and can be used at higher pressures.

The SB7 CleanFLOW™ ball valve

For Food & Bev:  Series SB9 (ETO) Ball Valve

The SB9 CleanTECH™ ball valve provides predictable flow rates and pressure drops and ensures thorough cleaning and full drainability because the port opening of the valve's flow path is dimensionally identical to the adjacent tubing.

SB9 CleanTECH™ ball valve