The longer your equipment is down the greater the loss and cost.

Hydraulic system failures cause 35% to 65% of all mobile equipment downtimes – a great part of which due to relatively simple and cheap hydraulic hoses.

Replacement by a hose assembly purchased from a nearby 3rd party hose workshop
4-24 hours 100% acquisition costs
On-site replacement by a 3rd party mobile service
2 to 4 hours 300% acquisition costs
On-site replacement with a hose assembly made by YOURSELF with the Parkrimp®
1 to 2 hours 70% acquisition costs

Consider the following …

  • Do you lose money when your equipment is down?
  • Do you have to travel a far distance to reach the nearest hose workshop?
  • Do you have to wait a considerable time for a replacement hose assembly?
  • Do you have to replace hose assemblies often?
  • Do you have to replace hose assemblies at night or on weekends?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Parker Parkrimp® is your problem solver!

With the largest selection of hose, and more fitting sizes and configurations than any other manufacturer, Parker has exactly what you need. Parker also delivers exceptional quality and reliability when it comes to equipment and tooling. Factory-quality hose assemblies can be quickly, easily, and cost effectively manufactured with Parker’s industry leading equipment. For example, Parker’s Parkrimp system provides users with several key advantages:

  • Perfect alignment: Our exclusive Parkalign system positions the fitting in the die for a perfect crimp every time.
  • Efficient design: Bottom loading crimpers make it easier for operators to manage long hose lengths.
  • Color-coded linked dies: Our linked dies are color-coded by size for easy identification.
  • Durability: Parkrimp crimpers have been designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable service.

A complete line of equipment and tooling from hose saws, to push-on stands, to crimpers, to cleaning and capping systems are available to help you every step of the way while fabricating hose assemblies.

The Parkrimp Partnership Program

Want to be able to put more money into inventory and less into equipment? The Parkrimp Partnership Program places a subsidized crimping machine at your location, allowing you to buy more inventory so that you can assemble the hoses you need as soon as you need them – eliminating downtime!


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