Parker Hybrid Actuation (HAS) Cylinders

The Parker Hybrid Actuation System (HAS) solution, developed by the Cylinder Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, consolidates the entire hydraulic system into a single component integral to the actuator that hooks up to a local control point. This eliminates the centralized power unit with its electric motor, pump reservoir and related valving and removes the need for hoses and tubes connected to the actuator that are often found in traditional hydraulic systems, helping to simplify the design and lower the overall cost of a hydraulic system.

The HAS 500 leverages electromechanical (EM) concepts such as using fluid transmission to move the actuator to turn a pump rather than rotating a screw. Since the actuator is hydraulic, it delivers three times the power density of the a comparably sized EM solution.

With the Parker HAS 500, the localized power allows for improved energy efficiency due to the elimination of the directional and flow control valving and locating the pump on the actuator, which reduces the amount of wasted energy commonly found on traditional hydraulic systems by 27%. Direction and speed are controlled by the rotation of the pump instead of metering valves, which generate heat and consume energy. With the HAS 500, only slightly more than the pressure required to move the load is generated.

Along with the localized motor and pump, HAS 500 has a patent pending sealed reservoir. The sealed reservoir shell is available in steel, aluminum or composite material allowing for a water-resistant barrier. Inside the reservoir is an integral filter that has been tested for more than 8,000 hours, providing maintenance-free operation with no need for a hydraulic fluid change. The sealed reservoir and patent pending features enable integration into the toughest environments without the worry of ingesting contaminates, and continued operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Parker’s HAS 500 system is compatible with a wide array of actuators including the 2HB square head series, 2HBX Electrohydraulic series, RDH round line series and helical rotary actuators. The fully self-contained system direction is hydrostatically controlled by reversing the motor rotation, speed is controlled by regulating the pump’s RPM and thrust is controlled by adjusting motor torque. Whether it’s simple on/off control of an actuator or fully proportional speed direction and force, the all-in-one actuator system can be positioned where motion is required.

In terms of control, the HAS 500 offers an easy plug and play control package for both industrial and mobile applications. In industrial applications, HAS is available with a Parker AC890, matched pre-programmed drive kits. For mobile applications a Parker IQAN compatible hardened inverter and preprogrammed motor matching inverter are available, with up to eight modules per BUS with speed and direction control with optional pressure limiting.

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