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Submerged Success: How MCE Saved The Day For A Chemical Plant


A chemical plant was installing a water runoff drainage system in their parking lot and needed an end-of-line solution to shut off the flow of water, enabling measurement and adherence to proper water pH levels before entering the city sewer.

The customer's drainage blueprint meant the flow control valve assembly would be sitting underground, 4° under water, and fully submerged.

Unfortunately for this customer, the original solution produced by a third-party didn't take into consideration that the actuator and limit switch would also be submerged, limiting the lifespan and operation significantly.

They needed a solution within 3-4 weeks.




MCE's Flow Control team recognized this barrier and quickly offered an alternate solution.

The recommendation was an 8" Delval lug style double offset butterfly valve, perfectly suited for the end-of-line service requirement.

This solution came with a custom length stem extension, keeping the customer's actuator and limit switch dry, and out of the water - as well as easy to access.

The stem extension is a key feature of Delval's Series 44 - 49 High Performance Double Offset Butterfly Valve in this application.

It is designed for direct mounting, easy access, and adjustment without needing to remove the actuator.





Butterfly valves have a smaller footprint, which makes them less expensive than alternative solutions - like ball valves. The disc imposes less weight on a piping system of similar diameter and is lighter, making it fit better in a confined space.

The design temperature is low enough to handle freezing temperatures, so the valves are less susceptible to freezing issues. 

Not only was MCE's solution lighter, easier to install, and less susceptible to freezing issues, but it also was less expensive!


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