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Optimizing an Air System for Peak Performance: Case Study

Optimizing an Air System for Peak Performance

Compressor Room

The Challenge: 

When our customer's main compressor unexpectedly failed, they faced a pressing need for a replacement before the year's end. They were also noticing moisture issues and having concerns whether their dryer was malfunctioning. 

Sullair 2200

MCE’s Solution: 

At MCE, we recognized the opportunity to not only address the immediate need for a new compressor but also to optimize the entire system for performance and efficiency. Our rotating equipment team engaged with the customer to thoroughly assess their air usage patterns. 

After a careful analysis, we identified that while the customer's air demand had decreased compared to previous years, their existing back-up compressor was still not enough to sustain their current needs. Instead of quoting a replacement 50HP compressor, MCE offered a new solution with a 30HP compressor. This proved to be a more cost-effective solution, aligning perfectly with the customer's usage requirements while also becoming more energy efficient.   

Additionally, we identified that the customer's aging air dryer, although operational, was nearing the end of its service life. The filters were also needing to be replaced, but they were obsolete. Rather than simply replacing the filters & housing, which would have been a short-term fix, we proposed a new air dryer with integrated filters. This air dryer is more energy efficient, has better air quality, is more cost effective, and is easier to maintain.  

Sullair 2200

The Outcome: 

Thanks to our swift action and comprehensive solution, the customer received their new compressor and dryer well before the year's end. Not only did this ensure uninterrupted operations, but it also exceeded their expectations in terms of cost savings and efficiency gains. As they gear up for a productive new year, they can rest assured knowing their compressed air system is optimized for peak performance. 

Looking to Optimize Your Compressed Air System? 

If you're interested in achieving similar cost and efficiency benefits through a system upgrade, don't hesitate to reach out to our rotating equipment team or request a quote today! 

About the Author: Paul Milam has dedicated three years to his role at MCE/Diversified Air Systems. Before joining MCE, Paul accumulated two decades of experience in sales, with a notable specialization of fourteen years in Industrial Business/Equipment Sales. He finds the most fulfillment in his role as a problem solver and solutions provider.


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