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No more leaks! Finding a Customer the Right Trap for Superheated Steam

The Challenge: 

Facing steam leakage issues, a customer sought help from Justin Timmerman, an Outside Sales Representative, and the Swanson Flo team. 

Upon investigation, Justin discovered that the customer was using bucket-style traps, reliant on a "prime" of water to function properly. However, due to the dry nature of superheated steam, the prime couldn't sustain, leading to constant steam leakage. 

MCE’s Solution: 

The Flow Control team proposed the TLV Free Float Steam Trap as a solution, eliminating the need for a prime. This innovative trap features a float mechanism that automatically adjusts to the presence of condensate, effectively sealing off steam leakage. 

Additionally, the team introduced quick traps or quick connectors, facilitating easy and swift replacement of steam traps with universal two-bolt connectors. 

The Outcome: 

The customer expressed satisfaction with the outcome, appreciating the effectiveness of the free float trap designed for superheated steam. Justin and the Swanson Flo team's expertise provided precisely the solution needed. Moreover, the implementation of quick connectors will significantly reduce labor hours previously spent on trap replacement. 

Looking for a steam trap solution? Explore our steam trap selection guide or engage in a discussion with our team today. 


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