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Find your fit for Motion: A Guide to Pneumatics Solutions

Find your fit for Motion: A Guide to Pneumatic Solutions


When motion is the challenge, MCE has the solution to move you. Motion solutions come in three major categories: hydraulic, electromechanical, and pneumatic. Learn the difference between the three solutions to discover the right fit for your applications. 

Parker Pneumatic Cylinder

Pneumatic Benefits, Applications, and Utility 

Speed—Generally faster than hydraulic systems due to the compressibility of air, enabling quick response times in applications that require rapid motion changes 

Safety—Inherently safer compared to hydraulic systems because they use air rather than hydraulic fluid, and therefore less likely to cause environmental contamination or pose fire or explosion hazards 

Cleanliness—Do not require hydraulic fluids, reducing the risk of leaks and contamination in clean environments 

Simplicity—Relatively simple in design and easy to install, making them suitable for applications where complexity needs to be minimized 

Limitations of Pneumatics

Limited Power—2 tons of force is the upper limit for pneumatic solutions, making them less suitable for heavy-duty applications  

Less Precision—Higher levels of variability and less precision compared to electromechanical systems, which might limit their suitability for precise positioning tasks 

Air Compression—The compression and expansion of air can lead to energy losses and inefficiencies 

Temperature Sensitivity—Can be affected by temperature changes, which might cause variations in performance 

Noise—Noisy due to the rapid release of compressed air during operation 

Pneumatic Couplers

Parker Pneumatic Couplers

Pneumatic Products, parts, integrated solutions, and services

» Valves, regulators, and connections  

» Modular systems  

» Mobile air stations  

» Actuators (including grippers, thrusters, cylinders, vacuum generators, suction cups, and more)  

» Air as utility  

» Safety products 

» Network connectivity 


Interested in learning more about our hydraulic offerings? Talk to a pneumatic expert today! 

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