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The Experts Pick: Parker's Hydraulic Actuator System Solution


A Motion & Control Enterprises (MCE) customer was having an issue with plastic cap dumping machines used in an automated system.

This customer was utilizing a ball screw (electro-mechanical) which had failed prematurely.

The premature failures were creating unexpected costs and downtime, so the company called in MCE to provide a solution.




The MCE team -- made up of Outside Sales Representative Jeff Blankiewicz and Technical Sales Engineer Aaron Stewart -- first considered a traditional hydraulic power unit along with a cylinder to complete the job.

But Jeff had a better idea. He suggested using a Hybrid Actuation System (HAS) unit — what he felt would be a smaller and simpler solution.

By varying the speed of the electric motor, the customer would be able to control the velocity of the cylinder rod which equates to how fast or slow the plastic caps would be dumped out of the container. Due to space constraints in the automated positioning, the MCE team ordered the unit with the hydraulic power unit detached from the cylinder. The customer was able to input motion profiles in their PLC and use the linear transducer provided with the Hydraulic Actuator System unit to do this accurately.

The HAS unit was a perfect fit.




In addition to eliminating the additional costs and downtime caused by the premature failures of the ball screw, the MCE team's solution also provided the customer with a more energy-efficient solution because the HAS electric motor is designed to only use energy when needed.

Detached HAS Actuator Unit

Detached hydraulic power unit

HAS Actuator Unit with interconnected hoses

Detached hydraulic power, interconnecting hoses, and hydraulic cylinder with MTS position feedback.

HAS Actuator Interior

Hydraulic cylinder with MTS position feedback 




Low-Cost, Simplified Design

Removes the need for connected hoses and tubes because the entire hydraulic system is consolidated into a single component integral to the actuator.

3x Power Density

Versus comparably sized electromechanical solution because fluid transmission moves the actuator rather than a rotary screw.

27% Less Wasted Energy

Compared to traditional hydraulic systems due to elimination of the directional and flow control valving and locating the pump on the actuator.

Over 8,000 Maintenance-Free

Hours of operation with no need for hydraulic fluid change.

Plug & Play

Control package for both industrial and control applications.

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