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Efficient Cooling: DAS Solves Historic Building Compressor Dilemma

 Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Institute of Industrial Research

The Problem 

A customer faced these significant issues with his current compressor vendor.: 

  •  The compressors were on the third floor of a historic landmark building, adjacent to the boiler room, leading to overheating during summer.  
  • The company’s current provider had failed to deliver a refrigerated dryer ordered almost a year ago, prompting it to seek an alternative solution. 

 Dissatisfied with the competitor’s service, the company contacted MCE’s Rotating Equipment company, Diversified Air Systems (DAS), to replace the compressors and dryer. 

MCE's Solution 

The company, familiar with DAS's reputation, reached out for assistance. DAS proposed several solutions to tackle the heat and equipment problems. Recognizing the limitations of installing fans or vents in the historic building, DAS suggested a water-cooled compressor, which would produce significantly less heat and prevent overheating. 

To address the immediate need for a dryer, DAS checked their stock and offered one that was readily available. DAS also proposed servicing the compressors themselves and provided quotes for spare consumables and maintenance plans to ensure uninterrupted operation. 

Additionally, DAS identified a large pipeline for chilled water in the building and suggested utilizing it for the water-cooled compressor, further minimizing heat rejection and improving efficiency. 

The Outcome 

The company was pleased with Diversified Air’s solutions and promptly placed an order for the water-cooled compressor and the dryer.  Confident in MCE's ability to meet its needs, the company chose MCE as its vendor for compressed air solutions. 

 With the installation of the water-cooled compressor and the new dryer, the company anticipated a much cooler room and improved system performance. This successful engagement not only addressed the company's immediate concerns but also established a valuable relationship, providing reliable solutions and exceptional service. 

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