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How A Custom Control System Delivered Maximum Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Customer Satisfaction


Our customer needed to build a new machine for applying sealant and then feeding the lids into their end customer’s filling line. They needed a Canning Line Lid Seal Manufacturing System, which applies sealant to a rotating cap or lid and then applies a compound to the cap/lid edge that forms a seal when attached onto the can/bottle.




MCE's Automation team designed and built the control systems used in the application. The team designed and commissioned the system for maximum efficiency, savings, and customer satisfaction. They created the entire machine control and electrical panel from scratch.

Project Responsibilities: 

  • Bill of material (hardware selection)

  • Electrical panel design

  • Schematic documentation

  • Panel build or assembly

  • Software programming

  • Site services

  • Panel installation and commissioning

  • Machine wiring

  • Network connection

  • Project Management


Products Used:


The automation team chose the electrical enclosures, built and wired the electrical back panel to the controls of the lid sealing system, and programmed a machine control that runs nine axes of motion.

They also designed and built a remote enclosure for each of the system’s machine cells which saved money and reduced the amount of control wiring needed between each machine cell and the main operating system.

It was our team's highest priority to commission the system for maximum efficiency, savings, and customer satisfaction.

Controls System Wires and Paneling

The automation team completed a turnkey project. The machine builder does not have controls programming and panel building in house.

Controls System Closed

MCE's RSA Automation Solutions team designed and built the controls system used in the canning line seal system.

Controls System Showing Wires and Paneling

The machining center can be closed so that only the exterior controls are present.




Our team created a custom engineered solution for the customer's specific application. The new canning system is cost effective, fast, and efficient.

As a result, our team has become this customer's go-to resource for virtual controls integration, providing them with the added ability to manufacture a machine with a complete control system.

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